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Born & raised in the south. Now a writer of the good words in NYC.

Unpopular opinion: the bagels here aren't all that special.

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The Martin AgencyHybrid in NYC

Copywriter. 2022 - Present.


Junior Copywriter. 2021 - 2022.

Wondersauce, NYC

Junior Copywriter. 2021.

And here's a completely random timeline of events.
2003: Picked up a snake on the playground on the first day of kindergarten and did some crying. Got left behind in the lunchroom and did some more crying.

2007: Almost won a geography bee. Lost to a kid who mispronounced "Chesapeake Bay."

2009: Started playing tennis.

2011: Won a tennis match (yes, 2 years later lol).

2013: I don't remember this year. Maybe it didn't happen.

2016: Graduated from 2 high schools. Because education is cool?!

2018: Cried a lot because I took an art history class.

2020: Survived.

2022: Writing copy, scribbling poetry, spending too much time tending to my plants, and definitely not winning my tennis matches.

Mode, Charlotte

Copywriting Intern. 2020.

Cargo, SC

Copywriting Intern. 2019.


Savannah College of Art and Design

BFA in Advertising and Branding

Savannah, GA. 2016 - 2020.


This kid...?

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